Automated document extraction powered by Large Language Models

Instantly capture data. Reduce your human operational workload and get hold of your accuracy.

Free trial. Easy setup.

See it in action.

Extracting fields and line items from invoices.

Accurate and fast.

Our language model has a state of the art performance.

Document intelligence

AirPaper gets smarter with every new document. No templates. No nasty regexes.

Seamless integration

Connect to the API in less than 5 minutes.

Reduce costs and turnaround time

No more manual data entry. Extracts what’s important and remove your humans-in-the-loop.

Built for developers by developers.

100 free pages a month
Blazing fast integration
As simple as copy-paste

Coming soon.

We're building more accurate models on our way to digitize other industries.

Medical documents

Discharge notes, drag safety reports, patient questionnaires, etc.

Insurance documents

Loss runs, insurance certificates, medical claims, etc.

What else?

We would love to learn how we can help you. Drop us a line about your use case.


We often get asked about

Is AirPaper free?

We offer a free trial of 100 pages followed by a pay-per-use subscription.

Which languages do you support?

Currently, we support English and German. Contact us to add yours.

Will you store my data?

No. We only use your data during the API call.

What does AirPaper mean?

That you can stop hiring human operations 😉

Ready to get started?

Whether a start-up or a Fortune 500, let us know how we can personalize a plan to your business.

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